What’s Black, White & Red All Over?: Disney’s Cruella

  1. Pre-Event: As of February 2021, there are around 40 million Disney+ subscribers in the United States (Frankel, 2021). Prior to the release of Cruella in the Pre-Event stage which will last 30 days, Disney+ subscriptions in the U.S. will go up 1.5% (600,000 subscriptions). With Disney+ Premier Access subscriptions costing around $30 to purchase, this will equate to around $18 million in revenue.
  2. Main Event: Raya and the Last Dragon, a recent film from Disney, generated about 15.8 million domestically within the first ten days of its release to theatres and Disney+ (Rubin, 2021). Similarly, Cruella is being released to both theatres and Disney+ on May 28. Compared to the release date of Raya and the Last Dragon (March 5), it’s likely that more theatres around the country will be open thanks to the increase in vaccine rates. With this information, the goal for Cruella is to generate over $30 million in revenue domestically, from Disney+ and theatre ticket sales combined.
  3. Post-Event: The main event will last for 30 days and the post-event will be considered the month following the main event. During this time, Cruella will have a 10% increase in streams on Disney+. Additionally, the Cruella soundtrack on Apple Music and Spotify will generate over 10 million streams during the post-event.

Campaign Efforts:

Pre-Event Content Example
Pre-Event Content Example
Main Event Content Example
Post-Event Example



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