Poppi Needs Influencers


Have you ever heard of the drink, Poppi? It’s my new favorite brand and I’ve been telling everyone about it. To know what Poppi is, you need to read its story:

Poppi Creators

Husband and wife team Allison and Stephen were experimenting in their home kitchen, combining fresh fruit juice with the prebiotic powerhouse apple cider vinegar (ACV), to create a soda that tasted amazing and provided real health benefits. Allison had been looking for solace from her chronic health issues, and ACV answered her prayers — after drinking it every day for a week her symptoms all but vanished.

They bottled it up and sold it at their local farmer’s market in Dallas, selling out each weekend and quickly gaining a devoted following. Fast forward through 2 kids, a Shark Tank investment (made while Allison was 9 months pregnant — nbd!), and a very Poppi rebrand, to today when their delicious soda makes it easier to drink to your health.

Once I found out about the brand, I immediately purchased a variety pack on amazon. I finished the drinks in a week (with the help of my family) and immediately ordered a second pack. The branding and packaging is amazing and the taste of the drinks are even better. My personal favorite is Ginger Lime!

I clearly love the brand, and I noticed that they’re not even verified on Instagram. Interesting. But then I started thinking — What better way to build an online following and brand trust than by partnering with influencers and celebrities? The brand is visually appealing, offers tasty products (that is GOOD for you), and has an extremely inviting and fun brand voice, so who wouldn’t want to represent them with pride?

Poppi Flavors.

An ideal candidate for Poppi is a micro-influencer/influencer/celebrity that is a bright and welcoming individual, one that may prioritize health and vitamins, and even someone who likes to have fun, possibly drinks alcohol, and can be a “normal” person every once and a while. The drink can appeal to a variety of needs — from prioritizing gut health to finding the perfect mixer for your Happy Hour drink — and the influencer should market it that way! The brand is extremely colorful (check out their Instagram here), and they need someone who is just that colorful, who can be that colorful, or who can give a pop(pi) of color.

Addison Rae

Honestly, an ideal candidate to represent the Poppi is a current influencer on TikTok. Someone like Addison Rae or JoJo Siwa would be a great fit. They both have a huge following on every social platform, they’re positive and bright women, they wear bright colors, and they have partnered with other brands in the past and know how to promote brands on TikTok. The drinks are created for all types of people so Addison’s and Jojo’s current audience could find Poppi more than appealing. If the brand landed a partnership with celebrities like these two, they would be verified in no time.

A partnership between Poppi and a big name influencer should be the next big thing. The power of influencers is amazing but the power of the right influencers can drastically change the course for a brand like Poppi.




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