Fraternity & Sorority Life: Social Media Best Practices and Things to Avoid

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Social Media: Best Practices

Social Media Best Practices.

Social Media: Things to Avoid

  • Inappropriate Content and Language: Most sororities and fraternities are in a college setting with students in their early twenties. The content that is posted and the language/captions that relate to that content should always be appropriate. Risqué photos including bikini/bathing suit pictures don’t necessarily promote the amazing opportunities that greek life has to offer. In addition to these types of photos, content including alcohol or drugs should never be posted, especially when members are not of age. The use of inappropriate language/cursing should also be avoided at all costs. Sorority and fraternity life should promote the great qualities that their members bring to the table, not the opposite.
  • Local and National Politics: Member organizations affiliated with greek life don’t (and should never) endorse any political candidate or political party on a local or national level. Individual members part of these organizations are encouraged to be active in their communities and take part in local and national elections, but the organizations themselves should never affiliate with politics or allude to supporting a certain party. Each sorority and fraternity on a local and national level include members with a variety of religious and political affiliations, and these organizations should not side with any one over the other. With that being said, these organizations should help our in their community when they can and are allowed to post content relating to helping any social justice movements or affinity group — these are completely separate from politics and should not be politicized.
  • Negativity Towards Other Organizations: The last thing any member organization part of a national sorority or fraternity council should do is post negatively about any other member organization affiliated with these similar governing councils. Because sorority and fraternity life is viewed sometimes in a negative light, sororities and fraternities should be lifting each other up and supporting one another wherever they can. Along with having great relations with other organizations affiliated with greek life, these organizations should also support other organizations on their university or college campus. When a fraternity posts negatively about other organizations, it’s a terrible reflection of themself and does the opposite of what most sororities and fraternities values encourage their members to do.
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